Upper radiator support made from aluminum. Factory rubber radiator support fits snugly into the bracket for perfect fitment with your radiator.

FFR’s setup reuses the stock stamped steel supports cut in half and rotated 180deg. It’s functional, but doesn’t look too pretty. If you need to raise your radiator to clear the steering rack bellows the top of the radiator is no longer planar to the mounting surface on the front subframe. The steel pieces don’t work as well if the radiator is much higher that the frame. When you remove your hood, these are the first pieces people are going to see.

Cheapest is the $5.80 flat rate box. The coolant bracket, ABS plates, carbon fiber plates, and the radiator plate can all fit in one flate rate box.


  • 2 laser cut aluminum brackets
  • 2 machined aluminum standoffs
  • 2 stainless steel bolts (fits FFR supplied rivnuts)

*Side Note:
Customers will need to measure actual height from top of radiator to top of subframe. Actual length needed will be supplied to ensure proper fitment.