Adjustable brace to help set and maintain rear fender panel gaps.

The rear fenders/side panels are supported in three main areas: At the rear bumper, at the shock tower brace, and around the entire cockpit area. In between the shock tower and the rear bumper is a rather long unsupported length. Using just the two FFR supplied bolts on the shock tower can put excessive stress on the side panel lip causing it to crack. Getting good panel gaps can also be difficult. With one end having a right hand thread and the other having a left hand thread you can easily pull the side panels together or push them apart with a simple twist of the main shaft. Panel gaps can be easily set before drilling holes into the shock tower brace.

$15 in continental US. Ships in a new shipper tube for lowest costs.


  • 2 laser cut and tumbled aluminum brackets
  • 1 RH threaded stainless steel rod end (with teflon sleeve) and nut
  • 1 LH threaded stainless steel rod end (with teflon sleeve) and nut
  • 1 shaft with RH and LH threaded ends
  • 2 Stainless steel screws and nylock nuts

Uses 3/16″ rivets supplied by FFR to attach to body


The brace sits very close to the hinge for the trunk lid.  It is recommended you install the hinge and arm to help locate the brace (trunk isn’t needed).  The lip on the OEM stamped steel hinge can be notched to provide more vertical travel.  Brace is compatible with Zero Decibel’s billet hinge kit.