How it all started

Zero Decibel Motorsports only keeps small quantities of parts on hand.  All parts are made at third party shops and inventory ties up money that can be used to develop newer products.    Because of limited inventory, we do not have an automated online ordering system.  Someday when we’re big and famous we’ll have fancy gizzmos and whizbangs that let you have online shopping carts and instant shipping estimators.  We will be big and famous right?  That’s what they told me at the front desk when I signed up for this gig.  They also told me the check was in the mail.

For now you can order through one of several methods:

All requests will be answered in a timely manner.  We appreciate every order we get!

Return Policy:

Don’t you hate it when you buy a part that touts its life changing and sandwich making capabilities only to find out that the “professional installation recommended” tag line really means “yeah, this part isn’t ever going to fit unless you’re capable of redesigning it and remaking it from scratch”?

I do.

One thing I try to do is not to be the thing I dislike.  Our return policy is pretty simple:

Bought a part, but changed your mind?
Return it to me in like new condition and I’ll refund the purchase price (shipping is your responsiblity)

Bought a part, it was noted it would fit your application (and you have no non-standard modifications) and it doesn’t?
Return it to me, I’ll refund your purchase price, and original shipping charges.

Bought a part, it was stated it might not fit (not previously tested) or it doesn’t fit because of some custom fab work you did?
Return it to me in like new condition and I’ll refund the purchase price (shipping is your responsiblity).  If we’re still in the testing phase and you would like to try out a new application see our “new product development page” and you might even be able to get parts at cost in return for your problem solving to validate a new fitment.

All parts from FrozenBoost must be returned in their original packaging in order to get a refund.