How it all started

I always have more ideas than time.  At any given moment I  have three or four projects in process with a list of product ideas three times as long.  One important part of new product development is fitment testing.  Single car donors for the 818 span 6 model years with each year having its own quirks.  In order to ensure our products fit a majority of cars with little to no fitment required I need your help!

Whenever I come up with a new part I test fit it to my own personal car and revise it as necessary.  I then seek out individuals with specific setups to test on their car.  This benefits both Zero Decibel and you.  Product testers get parts at cost and before anyone else.  Zero Decibel gets to confirm product fitment and ensure future customers a pain free installation.

If you see in process parts posted and you’re interested in being a product tester, drop us a line!