What is an 818?
An open top, mid engine, Subaru powered roadster kit car designed to out perform cars costing 10 times the entry level price of $15k for a completed car using the base Impreza donor.  For those desiring a faster machine, and not that much more money, the venerable turbocharged Subaru WRX can be chosen to power your self assembled speed machine.  Power to weight ratios easily match exotics like the Lamborghini Aventador with superb handling to match.
Do you charge tax?
Sales tax must be charged for sales occuring in or shipping to a location in the state of Indiana.
How much is shipping?  Do you combine shipping?
I have found several items ship best in flat rate boxes (such as the coolant bracket or heatshield).  If you order multiple items I always try to safely fit as many items into a flat rate box if possible.  Where flat rate boxes cost more than standard priority shipping I use the USPS online calculator to determine cost and charge customers only the shipping costs plus cost of any boxes or packaging used.
Can I visit your shop?
If you’re passing through Indianapolis and want to see what I’m up to, drop me a line and stop by.  I’m located on the west side of town.  I don’t have a shop as much as I have a garage attached to my house.
Do you really know what you’re doing?
Probably not, but it’s fun to make believe. 🙂
The 818 is a roadster, why is your logo an open wheel race car?
Because racecar?  Open wheel racecars are definitely my favorite type of car.  I live in Indianapolis, motorsports capital of the world, name sake of the Indycar Series, and home to the largest single day sporting event, the Indianapolis 500.  My autocross car is a small open wheel formula car and, given the choice to drive any type of car, I would always pick open wheel.