How it all started

Zero Decibel Motorsports primarily designs and sells components for Factory Five Racing’s 818 kit car.  While the kit Factory Five sells minimally contains all of the pieces necessary to assemble your 818, you’ll likely find, as I did, there are areas that can be improved upon where, for various reasons, Factory Five may have chosen a different solution.  Whether to assemble easier, look nicer, be stronger, help you go faster, or make maintenance easier, all Zero Decibel parts came about for a reason.

Any Job Worth Doing, is Worth Doing Well.

Rear brake rotor hub for Mowtini Racing.

Rear brake rotor hub for Mowtini Racing.

We takes pride in our craftsmanship.  All of the parts designed by Zero dB are tested for fit and function on multiple cars before being made available to the public.  The parts are manufactured at various local machine shops in Central Indiana and each part is personally handled and inspected before shipping.  While it’s true that form follows function, we also like to make sure that each part we make not only performs well, but looks good too.  While some people may favor a sleeper car hiding a vicious motor beneath a rusted hood, I’m more inspired by a car that looks as good as it is fast.

On the side, Zero Decibel Motorsports has designed and machined handfuls of components for various amateur racing efforts.  Done on a pro-bono basis, this “service” is simply to extend the blessing of access to CNC’s to a handful of local (and sometimes not so local) drivers with mod cars full of hard to replace parts.  Knowing all too well the frustration of not having access to machines and the high cost of one off part design and manufacture, I take joy in being able to keep some of the fastest mod cars around on track and knowing, when they win, that I had a hand in helping them get there.