Originally designed for Wayne @ VCP, these front fender vents have been green lighted for production and are now available. Reduce front end lift caused by high pressure zones inside the front fender wells and look cool while doing it! Click the link for details and pricing. Fender Vents

Responding to specific requests for a larger hood louver, we are happy to now offer our medium size hood louver.  Unlike our small hood louvers that sit within the pocket on the hood, the medium louvers extend farther back towards the windshield adding more open surface area and providing a nice stylistic change.  These louvers […]

Make your life a little bit easier with the fender liner tabs. Instead of needing a drill, spare rivets, and a rivet gun to remove the liners to pull the motor or mess with your suspension all you need is a set of allen keys. Details on the product page. At $21 for a pair […]

The initial run of royal blue shirts sold out almost before I had them in hand.  Responding to requests for more shirts and more colors I now have a batch of sapphire (like Laser Blue on a 2011 Mini Cooper), Orange, and Electric Green.  Sizes are M, L, and XL.  Check the product page for […]

This is one of my favorite videos from the build, although technically it’s more of a tear down than a build.  5 minutes is all it takes for a Subaru to end up as a pile of parts and a trailer full of scrap.  Can’t fit a full Subaru chassis on your small trailer?    Enter […]

Not quite as cool as “my first car” at 16, but I’m pretty excited about this.  My first website.  It even has my name on it, and it doesn’t start with “geocities” or “facebook”.  It’s been in process for a little while, but it’s here, and much better than I ever thought it was going […]