Not quite as cool as “my first car” at 16, but I’m pretty excited about this.  My first website.  It even has my name on it, and it doesn’t start with “geocities” or “facebook”.  It’s been in process for a little while, but it’s here, and much better than I ever thought it was going to be.  Definitely worth the wait.  I can’t really take credit for 98% of it.  I’m good at making things out of metal and plastic and not bad at rambling on when typing out stories.  Making things from html, or whatever language is used to make websites look fancy?  Not so much.  Thankfully a local Subaru web designer traded some web designing expertise for some one off parts and the result is what you see here.  From color choice, to layout, to functionality, none of it was me.  Rotating picture carousels (there’s a new term I learned!), image overlays, automatic page resizing for small windows and mobile, video embedding?  I’m impressed!  There’s still a few things you might see change over time (like replacing cell phone shots of products with photos from a real camera), and new products will continually be added as I come up with them, but it’s here and ready to share.  For now, I’m just excited to have a single place to display everything I make that looks clean and professional.  I even have a new email to go along with the new site!  It’s craig at

Come on in, take a look around, and feel free to “touch” the merchandise.  If you look closely you might even recognize Brando tearing up the track in his 818R in sunny Californ-I-A.  Thanks for stopping by, and as always, thank you for your support.

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