A hex grille panel for the 818 roof scoop.

As delivered from FFR, the roof scoop looks a little unfinished.  This panel adds a nice finishing touch while matching all of the other hex style panels that we sell.

Due to the small flange left around the roof intake opening by FFR, it is not possible to utilize the flush mount studs we offer on other products.  We have found that some cars have more of a lip left after cutting at the factory.  You  may need to trim the opening more, or in extreme cases add some backing support.  There are multiple ways to install the part, but here are two we recommend:

Removable:  Countersink the holes and use a flat head screw in conjunction with some nut plates that can be epoxied onto the body.  This allows you to fit the part and remove it later to paint it or the body.  Some people think that screw heads look a little more finished than pop rivet heads, but that is all preference.  The nut plates also allow you to compensate somewhat if the lip is too thin.  Here are two examples of nut plates:

Offset Nut Plate
Standard Nut Plate

Permanent:  Use rivets to permanently attach it to the body.  It is recommended to paint the car and the grill separately first if you desire them to be different colors.  This method is much faster and easier than the removable method, but might not give the aesthetics you’re looking for.  Of course, if you needed to, you can always drill the rivets out in the future.

Laser cut aluminum panel.