Combine these with the trunk louver and save $10 off

Aluminum louver panel to replace the FFR provided mesh.

Greater airflow through the stock hood vs the mesh due to larger open areas. Also provides a different stylistic approach for those just wanting something that looks different regardless of performance.

Parts will ship flat and be quoted based on buyers zip code.

2 Laser cut aluminum louver panels.

How do I bend the louvers?
The middle fins are easily bent to any angle by gripping the sides of the fin to be bent and twisting. The two end fins are best bent by gripping the outside border in a vice (don’t worry, you won’t see the border when installed). If you can’t bend the two outside fins by hand use a mallet and a thin wide piece of wood that contacts the entire length of the fin to prevent from bending it in the middle. If you don’t like your bend angle you can adjust it. Refrain from excessive repeat bends. After bending the edges may need minor deburring. All panels are deburred before shipping but some edges cannot be fully deburred in the flat position.

Do these work with the FFR supplied trim rings?
No, the trim rings are too wide.

Why did you make these not compatible with the trim rings?
Forum member Aloha818 pioneered a method using plastic edge trim everywhere he had a cutout with backing mesh. In my opinion, and others, it looked much more refined and OEM look.

How do I install the louvers?
Cut the hood opening to have ~ a 3/8″ border (a template will be provided). Test the fit of the panel after bending the fins. Don’t forget the plastic trim adds ~.125″ of thickness and needs to be accounted for. Once the opening is satisfactory, line it with the plastic trim. Apply silicone or body adhesive to the backside of the hood to bond the outside border of the panel to the hood in the same method that FFR uses for their mesh.

How do I order?
Send me a pm, email (zerodbmotorsports@gmail.com), or message me on facebook.