$55 (Discontinued)

Dipsticks with a polished billet aluminum handle.

Yellow plastic handles are for people who need help finding where to check their oil, not for people who built their own car.   Can you find your dipstick without it being bright yellow? Wishing for something a little fancier than mass produced injection molded plastic? If you built your own car chances  you might not want some cheesy yellow bits clashing with your shiny go fast bits. Fix your problems with a polished billet stick (not guaranteed to fix problems with significant others).

$7.50.  Shipping can usually not be combined on this item.  The long length makes it cheaper to ship separately.

Billet CNC’d Dipstick Handle
New OEM Flex shaft
New O-ring
Dipstick comes fully assembled

What cars do these dipsticks fit?
Fitment is based upon the oil pan you use.  The guide tube for the dipstick is the same on the EJ motors (Ej255, EJ205, EJ257, EJ207, EJ253, etc).  The 2.0 pans require the 2.0 pan stick (longest) while the 2.5 pans require the 2.5 stick (amazing!).  If you have a 2.0 motor with the 2.5 pan, you need the 2.5 stick.

I have a Killer B oil pan, what do I use?
Order the 2.5 dipstick.
Isn’t the 06+ 2.5L pan different than the 04/05  2.5L pan?
Yes.  the 06+ pan is slightly tighter around the oil pickup and thus the dipstick is also slightly shorter.  These dipsticks are based on the 06+ dipsticks.  If you use the 06+ dipstick in an 04/05 pan you will not have problems.  The level of the oil in your 04/05 pan will be the same height as that in the 06 pan when the stick reads full but you will have an additional 1/2qt or so of oil.

How do I order?
Send me a pm, email (zerodbmotorsports@gmail.com), or message me on facebook.