$45 What: A billet mount that allows you to mount an Aeromotive FPR onto the cowl/firewall of a GR Subaru. Why: Most aftermarket fuel rails require the use of an aftermarket fuel pressure regulator.  These regulators come with a generic bracket that requires an intermediate mounting bracket.  This is a bolt on solution that allows […]

$60 What: A laser cut and TIG welded aluminum bracket and bolts required to mount a type 14 AWIC core on a FFR 818. Why: Using just our rear AWIC bracket holds the entire core pretty tightly but makes the silicone coupler on the throttle body support the entire front. This simple bracket supports the […]

$65 What: Stainless steel bracket to allow you to clock the compressor housing on a TD04 and maintain the stock wastegate. Why: Clocking the housing on your turbo allows you to run an AWIC setup with fewer bends and a shorter intake tract.  For those with a push style clutch (06/07 wrx) the clocked AWIC […]

$139 What: A laser cut and TIG welded aluminum bracket, seals, and bolts required to mount a type 14 AWIC core on a FFR 818. Why: The type 14 AWIC requires custom mounts  as the stock TMIC brackets don’t line up with the mounting tabs on the core.  The Zero dB rear AWIC mount provides […]

$65 What: Aluminum brackets, rivnuts, and miscellaneous hardware required to mount a type 100 heat exchanger to the 818 radiator subframe. Why: Individuals choosing to move to an AWIC setup need to mount a heat exchanger up front.  These brackets are the same brackets that come packaged in the AWIC setup available from Zero Decibel.  […]

What: A combination of drop shipped components from Frozenboost paired with mounting brackets and hardware from Zero Decibel for a reasonably priced AWIC setup with minimal hassle. Complete Setups: $998 Specify: Pull Clutch (02-05) Push Clutch (06-07) Clocked TD04 Turbo (02-07) Complete Setups Include: Frozen Boost AWIC Components: Core, heat exchanger, silicone couplers, aluminum piping, t-bolt […]

Need some to secure those silicone couplers  and tubing you purchased?  Worm gear clamps cutting into your shiny silicone bits?  Tired of blowing off couplers under high boost?  Zero Decibel can supply all types of T-bolt clamps. Available Sizes: 1.5″ to 4″ in 1/4″ increments 4.5″ and 5″ Specifications: 304 Stainless Construction Note: T-Bolt clamp […]

Zero Decibel can supply all types of polished aluminum tubing useful for custom intakes and intercooler setups. Configurations Available: Straight Bends (45, 90, 135, 180 degree and combination bends) BOV/BPV Adapters Available Diameters (inches): 1.5 2 2.25 2.5 2.75 3 3.5 4 Available Lengths (feet): 1 2 Note: Most straight, 45 deg, and 90 deg […]

Need silicone couplers for a custom intercooler setup?  Making your own intake?  Want something other than factory black rubber pieces for coolant hoses? Zero Decibel can supply all types of couplers including: Straight Bends (30, 45, 60, 90, 135, and 180 degree) Reducers Bending Reducers Hump Couplers Available Colors: Blue Red Black Specifications: 4 ply […]

$55 (Discontinued) What: Dipsticks with a polished billet aluminum handle. Why: Yellow plastic handles are for people who need help finding where to check their oil, not for people who built their own car.   Can you find your dipstick without it being bright yellow? Wishing for something a little fancier than mass produced injection molded […]