A combination of drop shipped components from Frozenboost paired with mounting brackets and hardware from Zero Decibel for a reasonably priced AWIC setup with minimal hassle.

Complete Setups:



  • Pull Clutch (02-05)
  • Push Clutch (06-07)
  • Clocked TD04 Turbo (02-07)

Complete Setups Include:

Frozen Boost AWIC Components:
Core, heat exchanger, silicone couplers, aluminum piping, t-bolt lamps, water fittings, bosch Pump, fill cap, and hose clamps

Zero Decibel AWIC Components:
Front Mounting Bracket, rear Mounting Bracket, Heat Exchanger Brackets, clocking bracket (clocked setup only, requires use of TD04 turbo), all stainless hardware, sealing washers.

You provide:
3/4″ Water Hose, BPV/BOV (stock BPV can be modified to work), cut aluminum piping to length, coupler to recirculate BPV (see details below)

Frozen Boost parts list (Standard and Clocked kits):

AWIC Parts List

À la carte Mounting Brackets:

Rear AWIC Bracket: $125
Front AWIC Bracket: $55
Heat Exchanger Bracket: $65
TD04 Clocking Bracket: $40

 Writeup by EOD Tech87:

Non Clocked AWIC Install Walk Through

High air charge temps have been noted using the stock top mount intercooler and the sheet metal ducts on the 818.  These high temps are believed to have caused more than 1 engine failure.

You could test fit your own parts and develop your own kit using parts from Frozen Boost, so why buy from us?  Not only do we freely share a list of all of the parts needed so you don’t order the wrong parts or waste money test fitting (we already did this for you), but we offer a discount!  Most standard products are offered at 5% off and already reduced pre-paired kits (marked “water/air kits” on frozenboost) are offered with a 2% discount.  It’s not a huge savings, but every bit counts.

Standard vs Clocked?

Clocked Turbo Setup:
This is our preferred setup for best performance but only works for the TD04 (unless you make your own clocking bracket).  It has the shortest piping length and fewest bends in the air path of any AWIC currently available.  Turbo clocking is a straightforward process but does require a large set of internal snap ring pliers. Download our clocking write up complete with pictures here:

Clocking a TD04 Turbo

Standard Turbo Setup:
We understand that not everyone is able to or wants to clock their turbo.  This setup allows you to use any stock location turbo.  On DBW cars (06+WRX) the piping coming off the turbo is very very close to both the throttle body harness plug and the clutch slave cylinder.  It fits, but it’s tight.  You may want to put some rubber pieces on to prevent chafing.  The clocked setup does not have this problem (another reason we like that setup.

Some cutting is required.  The kits come with an aluminum pipe that must be cut to length.  I could cut it for you, but you’d have to pay shipping for the tube to me and then shipping to you.  It’s cheaper and easier to cut it yourself.

3/4″ water hose must be supplied by the user as well.  Rubber hose is bulky and costly to ship.  For the cost of shipping tubing to you, it would be cheaper to purchase heater hose at your local autoparts store.

BPV Recirculating options:
The best way to recirc is by sourcing silicone couplers, aluminum joiners, and Tbolt clamps from ebay.  Use qty 2, 90 deg silicone couplers, 5 T-bolt clamps, and 2 joiners.  See the photo with the red BPV for an example.  02-05WRX donors will have to trim back the metal heater core line before installing the bypass hose from FFR.  Zero Decibel is unable to source these parts for less than you can source them yourself so we do not offer them.

To find the parts, go to ebaymotors and search for:

“Black 1.25″-1 1/4″ 90 Degree Silicone Hose Coupler 32mm Intercooler Pipe Turbo”
“2PCS 1.25” inch Turbo Pipe Hose Coupler T-bolt Clamp Stainless Steel 37-42mm “