Aluminum plates used to cover holes left in the front and rear knuckles if you delete the ABS.  The delrin plug version contains an extra plastic plug to help seal the hole.

If you delete the ABS and remove the sensors you’re left with a hole in the front knuckle and the rear backing plate that allow dirt and water to enter the wheel bearing.. This mounts to the factory sensor bolt hole and plugs the holes.  An alternative is simply to leave the sensors in place and cut off the wire which leaves a less than pretty looking result.  The plates allow you to keep your sensors intact if you decide to install ABS later or if you decide to sell your sensors.  It is recommended to put a thin seal of silicone around the edge of the hole to seal out liquid and find dust when installing the plates.

$22 (plain)

Shipping will be quoted on a per case basis to keep costs down and ensure you only pay actual shipping charges.  These parts fit nicely inside flat rate boxes used to ship other parts.

4 Laser cut aluminum plates
4  Stainless mounting bolts

What does the plastic piece do?

The plastic plug version does a couple of things.  It helps to prevent rotation of the plate (unlikely if plain plate is torqued down, but provides extra assurance), takes up a majority of the volume inside the hole to help prevent foreign matter.

Is the plastic piece necessary?

Not really, but some people like the extra measures it provides.

Why do the plastic ones cost so much more?

Ironically enough, the plastic pieces are the most expensive piece in the Delrin plugged version.

How do I order?
Send me a pm, email (zerodbmotorsports@gmail.com), or message me on facebook.