$425 What: A version of our five speed bell crank with a billet adapter to allow it to fit the Subaru 6 speed transmissions. Why: The FFR setup uses extremely long cables that loop from the center of the car, to the front, down the side, the back to the transmission.  Overall shifter feel needs […]

$140 What: A billet adapter and 6 speed cable clamping plate to allow customers who previously purchased our 5 speed bell crank to fit it to the Subaru 6 speed transmissions. Why: This allows customers upgrading from a 5 speed to a 6 speed transmission to reuse their existing bellcrank without purchasing an entire new […]

$165 What: A multipart kit designed to adapt the SW20 MR2 shifter into a purpose built, custom, 818 shifter Why: The SW20 MR2 shifter is one of the few shifters that allows you to run the shifter cables straight back to the transmission in a rear engine/transmission car. The OEM shifter plate is rather ugly, […]

$315 What: A compact bell crank driven mechanism for cable shifting a Subaru 5spd transmission in mid and rear engine applications.  Designed originally for the FFR 818 it will also work with Porsche (914) and VW conversions using a Subaru 5 speed with cables. Why: The FFR setup uses extremely long cables that loop from […]

What: Aluminum plates used to cover holes left in the front and rear knuckles if you delete the ABS.  The delrin plug version contains an extra plastic plug to help seal the hole. Why: If you delete the ABS and remove the sensors you’re left with a hole in the front knuckle and the rear […]