A compact bell crank driven mechanism for cable shifting a Subaru 5spd transmission in mid and rear engine applications.  Designed originally for the FFR 818 it will also work with Porsche (914) and VW conversions using a Subaru 5 speed with cables.

The FFR setup uses extremely long cables that loop from the center of the car, to the front, down the side, the back to the transmission.  Overall shifter feel needs improvement and visually has a very functional feel.

The Zero Decibel bell cranks allows you to reduce the number of bends in the shifter for smoother and more direct feel.  When used with an SW20 MR2 shifter (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!) the cable length can be reduced to 7 feet (shorter length cables not supplied as part of kit).  We now offer a kit to easily convert the SW20 MR2 shifter to work with the 818.

The bell crank itself has two positions each for the input and output rod ends for a total of three different ratios to further adjust the amount of shifter throw desired.
The arm mounted to the input shaft is mounted further inboard for improved clearance with the rear bumper (almost 1″ of the shaft can be cut off if desired)

Last but not least, this setup looks pretty fancy. If you don’t plan to put mesh in the rear bumper or use a wider mesh than provided the rear of the transmission and the bracket is visible.  Replace that functional bent steel setup with a slick CNC’d aluminum assembly.  A lot of care went into making sure the assembly looked good, was lightweight, and yet still strong enough to ensure consistent shifting action.

This is for the Subaru 5 speed only using the Plastic FFR shifter, the optional metal FFR shifter, or the SW20 MR2 shifter.  Mechanism does not work with the VCP shifter (left/right action is reversed).


Base plate
Cable mounting plate
Bell crank with pressed in bearing
Selector arm (mounts to transmission input shaft)
Red anodized aluminum rod ends
Aluminum turnbuckle rods
Aluminum Spacers for base plate
Stainless spacer for bearing
Stainless Hardware and nuts

Shorter cables are not part of this kit!
FFR shifter users can reuse existing cables, MR2 users can use a 7′ long cable. Use any cables with a 3″ travel, 5/8″ bulkhead mounting, 1/4-28″ right hand thread, and 7 or 8 feet of travel depending on if you use the bellcrank, cable routing, and where you position your shifter.