A solid 6061-T6 aluminum flat-6 engine block with Lego® compatible features. (Lego components not included)

I love legos, I love machining, why not combine the two?  This flat-6 (or Boxer 6, or Horizontal 6) is designed to be a direct replacement into lego’s® Technic® Porsche® GT3 RS set.  It adds a little bit of flair and cool factor to have an aluminum engine in a plastic model.  This should also work in the Lego® Porsche® 911 RSR® set, but it has not been verified yet.

This engine block is designed to work with original Lego parts.  I measured original Lego pistons and several brands of Lego compatible pistons and some third party pistons are larger than Lego.  I cannot guarantee that third party pistons will fit, though some will.  Most Lego pistons will fit.  Occasionally, I’ve found some pistons that are larger or out of round that fit, but aren’t as smooth.  If in doubt, I can supply Lego parts at an additional cost, or they can be readily found on Bricklink.

Snap the piston onto the connecting rod, slide it into the bore, then assemble the crankshaft pieces.  This is the opposite of the usual method of assembling the crankshaft and rods first and then putting them into the engine block pieces.

Aluminum is not nearly as forgiving as plastic.  When assembling pins into the end holes it is recommended to insert them one at time into the block and then attach liftarms, connectors, etc.  Putting pins into connectors and trying to insert multiple pins at once into the aluminum block is difficult.  When snapping bricks onto the pegs be sure to have the brick as parallel as possible to the mating surface.  Too much angle will allow the aluminum to dig into your plastic bricks and shave off tiny amounts of plastic.  

Lego®, Technic®, Bricklink, Porsche®, 911®, RSR®, and related names and marks are copyright their respective owners.  This product is not associated with or endorsed by any company or brand listed.

One machined flat-6 engine block.