Billet aluminum cradle mount for the steering rack.

The bracket with the kit is a steel piece with a small contact area that mounts next to the bushing.  The top of the bushing is supported by the OEM bracket held up with standoffs with no direct support underneath.  This bracket cradles the entire bushing area just like the original OEM configuration.  The second photo shows an early prototype.  Newer versions have been cored out to save weight and look nicer.


The 02/03 and some 04 racks have a passenger bushing that is 1/2 square and 1/2 round.  This can be made to work with this cradle but the best solution is to purchase the 05+ round bushing and strap.  These parts cost ~$15 total from Subaru.  The part numbers and description are:

Adapter Gear Box Pipe (bushing)
Part#: 34115FE020

Clamp Gear Box Pipe
Part#: 34166FE060

Billet aluminum steering cradle