A shorter, thicker, more stout standoff machined from solid rod to replace the saw cut tubes in FFR’s harness bar kit.

To keep costs down, FFR uses saw cut tubes for spacers.  It’s quick, efficient, and cost effective.  I found that the tubes were much longer than they needed to be and due to the small OD had a smaller contact area with the solid rod end that supports the cross bar.  These standoffs are shorter (the shorter the spacer, the less torque is put onto the mounting tabs) and have a much larger OD that resists side-to-side rocking.


Two lathe cut 304 stainless spacers

Flate rate $5.95 box. Can be combined with other smaller items.

If you shorten the spacer, can the harnesses still wrap around the bar?
Yes.  Our personal car uses G force harnesses.  When wrapped around the bar there is still plenty of clearance.  See the image in the gallery.

How do I order?
Send me a pm, email (zerodbmotorsports@gmail.com), or message me on facebook.

Note: The rainbow flamed prototyped spacers are titanium.  Production versions are stainless and do not have this flame pattern.