$230 (All front end styles)

A laser cut and TIG welded aluminum hinge assembly.

The 818 kits ship with four 1/2″ diameter pins to hold the hood in place.  While functional, using four pins adds to the kit car feel and if you need to open your hood you need to find a place to put it.  The hood hinge solves both problems at once.  The two front pins can be eliminated for a cleaner look and, with a simple tilt motion, the entire hood swings forward and up.  There is an adjustable stop that can be moved to one of three positions.  All kits ship with the stop in the second position that leaves the hood slightly past vertical and self supporting when open.

USPS $25 (will combine shipping, extra fee applies as this items postage is weight dependent)

Laser cut, TIG welded bases and hood brackets
Laser cut arms and hood brace
Stainless Steel Screws
Rivet Nuts
Bondable Studs

What’s the difference between the two different setups?
The original R/S style bumper that used the horizontal Camry lights had an open center and made use of some smaller arms.  The coupe setup, later adopted for all 818 models by FFR, has a center nose insert that is not compatible with the shorter arms. If you have already purchased the original S/R setup and want to change your front end to the new style nose all that is required is to purchase the new arms.  All of the other parts are compatible.

How does this attach to the hood?
Four bondable studs are supplied that need to be epoxied to the hood.  It is highly recommended that after the epoxy dries a couple of layers of fiberglass are placed over the base to ensure excellent adhesion.  These studs allow the hood brackets to be bolted to the hood.  Adding a piece of flat balsa on this area also adds a nice mating surface.  There is plenty of adjustment built into the hinge assembly to accomodate less than perfect stud locations.