A cable driven shifter purpose built for vehicles using a Subaru transmission in a mid or rear engine layout. Originally designed as a drop in solution for the Factory Five Racing 818 it will also work with Porsche (914) and VW conversions using a forward facing Subaru transmission with cables (may require chassis modification for mounting).

The FFR setup uses extremely long cables that loop from the center of the car, to the front, down the side, and then all the back to the transmission.  Most cable shifters on the market are designed for front engine cars and the mechanism action is the reverse of what is needed for the mid or rear mounted application. This is why the FFR setup runs cables forward then backwards to effectively reverse the motion. This comes at the expense of increased cable resistance, extra cable backlash,  and a vague shifter feel that’s leaves you wondering what gear you’re in, or if you’re even in gear.

The Zero dB shifter is a combination of in-house designed and machined aluminum components combined with some OEM parts for durability and cost savings. The design centers around a ball and socket that has zero slack in the mechanism.  Some bearing and shaft designs don’t properly preload the bearings which results in extra play and a loose feel in the mechanism.

Combine this with the bellcrank for a setup with the shortest cables, fewest bends, positive engagement feel, and a pretty slick looking (IMO, of course) setup.

Example cables: Push Pull Cable (the fittings are not required, but come with that set, just remove them).

This can be used with a five or Six speed transmission. It does not currently have a provision for the six speed reverse lockout. Individuals using the six speed without a lockout generally tie open the lockout on the transmission with a zip tie.

Cables are not included. Use any cables with a 3″ travel, 5/8″ bulkhead mounting, 1/4-28″ right hand thread, and 7 or 8 feet of travel depending on if you use the bellcrank, cable routing, and where you position your shifter.

Quoted by location

Complete shifter assembly
Stainless Hardware and steel Rivetnuts for mounting

Shorter cables are not part of this kit!