A billet adapter and 6 speed cable clamping plate to allow customers who previously purchased our 5 speed bell crank to fit it to the Subaru 6 speed transmissions.


This allows customers upgrading from a 5 speed to a 6 speed transmission to reuse their existing bellcrank without purchasing an entire new assembly.  If you have not previously purchased the bell crank you do not need to order the 5 speed and adapter separately.  It is slightly cheaper to buy the 6 speed setup as previous customers will need to swap the 5 speed cable clamp for the 6 speed clamp and end up with a leftover part.  This leftover part accounts for the discrepancy in cost between the 6 speed bellcrank vs the 5 speed bellcrank + the adapter.

Some clearancing of the transmission housing may be required for the selector arm.

Six speed adapter
Six speed cable mounting plate
Stainless Hardware