Larger than stock aluminum louver panel to replace the FFR provided mesh. This panel extends beyond the factory trunk cutout to increase surface area and flow.

On track testing of an 818R has shown that the engine bay temps can get quite high which leads to higher oil, coolant, and intercooler temps. Using a larger than stock vent allows for greater airflow through the engine bay to exchange hot air with cooler ambient air.

The trunk louver has an open surface area of 129.8 square inches compared with 45.3 square inches of the FFR mesh. However, the FFR mesh has an approximate open area of only 70% for an effective surface area of 31.7 square inches. The louvered panel adds a whopping 409% available open area compared to the round hole mesh. Even without the mesh, the new panel is 287% larger than the stock cutout.

For those not worried about airflow and just want something different, these louvers provide a more aggressive look with their larger curved design.

The trunk louver comes with a brace to support the very long rear fins.

Parts will ship flat and be quoted based on buyers zip code.

1 Laser cut aluminum louver panels
1 Laser cut aluminum brace

How do I bend the louvers?
The fins are easily bent by gripping the sides of the fin to be bent with your thumb and forefinger and twisting. If necessary, grip the outside border in a vice (don’t worry, you won’t see the border when installed).  Visually line up the angle of the bend with the angle of the brace.  After bending the edges may need minor deburring. All panels are deburred before shipping but some edges cannot be fully deburred in the flat position.

How do I assemble the louvers?
After bending start by inserting the front fin (the shortest one) onto the brace.  Work your way to the back fitting all of the matching slots together.  Use some panel bond or epoxy to ensure the brace doesn’t come loose.

Do you supply the plastic trim needed to cover the trailing edge of the hood cutout?
No. This can be purchased inexpensively at auto parts stores or search for “Door Edge Guard Molding” by Automotive Authority on Amazon. It has a nice finish with the glue inside for ~$18. The cheaper versions don’t have the nice finish or glue.

How do I install the louvers?
Lay the unbent panel on the hood lining up the front edges. Make a mark at the center of the ends of the last fin. Remove the panel and connect the two marks matching the curve of the panel. It’s always best to be conservative in your cutting. Cut out the entire area from the deep recess up to the line you made so that it is flush with the trunk.  Apply silicone or body adhesive to the backside of the trunk to bond the outside border of the panel to the hood in the same method that FFR uses for their mesh.

How do I order?
Send me a pm on the forums, email (Craig@zerodecibelmotorsports.com), or message me on facebook.