$82 What: Billet CNC cut hood hinge base upgrade (replaces old style welded sheet metal base). Why: In the early days, before I had my own CNC, having everything made from billet on a CNC mill was cost prohibitive in small quantities.  Sheet metal was functional and cost effective, if not as slick looking.  Now […]

$50 What: A hex grille panel for the 818 roof scoop. Why: As delivered from FFR, the roof scoop looks a little unfinished.  This panel adds a nice finishing touch while matching all of the other hex style panels that we sell. Note: Due to the small flange left around the roof intake opening by […]

$100 (Discontinued) What: A laser cut louver panels designed for the Honda S2000.  These vents were specifically intended for S2000 with wide body front fenders but will also fit with OEM fenders. Why: Ever see a Lemans car with the tops of the fenders vented?  Air builds up in the wheel wells causing a high […]

$80 (Discontinued) What: Aluminum louvers for 2003 (2004) SVT Cobra, and E46 BMWs. Why: Improve airflow through front mounted heat exchangers (radiators, AWICs, Oil Coolers, etc) for track days and add a more aggressive look to your car. Originally designed as a special request for a 2003 SVT Cobra, these also fit well on the […]

$175 (Discontinued) What: Laser Cut, 2-Piece grille to replace the FFR light mounting area on rear bumper. Why: In stock form the rear bumper looks a little plain. You can paint the light area to make it stand out a bit or you can replace it with something that changes the look of the rear […]

$275 (Discontinued) What: Rear combination LED lights Why: Let’s be honest, the standard lights on the back of the 818 are a little…well, generic. The plain red and plain white housings are utilitarian. They function, but won’t garner any compliments. Lotus makes some nice tail lights with a red outside and white inside that were […]

$130 (with mounting holes) $155 (with flush mount PEM studs) What: A laser cut aluminum grille panel (fits standard FFR bumper lower opening) Why: FFR provides round hole mesh and a separate 1/2″ trim ring for the rear lower bumper cutout. The round hole mesh has an open ratio of approximately 70% which reduces airflow. […]

$Now Available Exclusively through Faircloth Composites What: A laser cut louver panels for C6 Corvettes (fits other models) Why: Like the look of the C6R Corvette racecars with the large fender louvers? Don’t want to pay $300+ for a pair of fiberglass inserts? These aluminum louver panels are an economical alternative to higher dollar options. […]

$299 (All front end styles) What: An aluminum hinge assembly to make opening your hood easy and stylish.  (Note:  Images with old style base are outdated, new full assembly images not yet available). Why: The 818 kits ship with four 1/2″ diameter pins to hold the hood in place.  While functional, using four pins adds to […]

$75 What: Laser cut louver panels to fit on top of the engine cover humps. Why: Heat rises.  In the engine bay the highest point are the humps in the engine cover which capture the air like a nice parachute.  These vents allow hot air to escape out the back both at speed and when […]