$100 What: A laser cut louver panels designed for the Honda S2000.  These vents were specifically intended for S2000 with wide body front fenders but will also fit with OEM fenders. Why: Ever see a Lemans car with the tops of the fenders vented?  Air builds up in the wheel wells causing a high pressure […]

$80 What: Aluminum louvers for 2003 (2004) SVT Cobra, and E46 BMWs. Why: Improve airflow through front mounted heat exchangers (radiators, AWICs, Oil Coolers, etc) for track days and add a more aggressive look to your car. Originally designed as a special request for a 2003 SVT Cobra, these also fit well on the E46 […]

$115 What: Laser Cut, 2-Piece grille to replace the FFR light mounting area on rear bumper. Why: In stock form the rear bumper looks a little plain. You can paint the light area to make it stand out a bit or you can replace it with something that changes the look of the rear and […]

$275 What: Rear combination LED lights Why: Let’s be honest, the standard lights on the back of the 818 are a little…well, generic. The plain red and plain white housings are utilitarian. They function, but won’t garner any compliments. Lotus makes some nice tail lights with a red outside and white inside that were also […]

$100* What: A laser cut aluminum grille panel (fits standard FFR bumper lower opening) Why: FFR provides round hole mesh and a separate 1/2″ trim ring for the rear lower bumper cutout. The round hole mesh has an open ratio of approximately 70% which reduces airflow. Round hole mesh, while simple and cost effective, seems […]

$Now Available Exclusively through Faircloth Composites What: A laser cut louver panels for C6 Corvettes (fits other models) Why: Like the look of the C6R Corvette racecars with the large fender louvers? Don’t want to pay $300+ for a pair of fiberglass inserts? These aluminum louver panels are an economical alternative to higher dollar options. […]

$230 (All front end styles) What: A laser cut and TIG welded aluminum hinge assembly. Why: The 818 kits ship with four 1/2″ diameter pins to hold the hood in place.  While functional, using four pins adds to the kit car feel and if you need to open your hood you need to find a […]

$60 What: Laser cut louver panels to fit on top of the engine cover humps. Why: Heat rises.  In the engine bay the highest point are the humps in the engine cover which capture the air like a nice parachute.  These vents allow hot air to escape out the back both at speed and when […]

$60 What: A laser cut louver panels for the rear of the front fenders Why: Ever see a Lemans car with the tops of the fenders vented?  Air builds up in the wheel wells causing a high pressure area that reduces airflow from the front of the car and causes lift on the front end.  […]

$70 What: Larger than stock aluminum louver panel to replace the FFR provided mesh. This panel extends beyond the factory trunk cutout to increase surface area and flow. Why: On track testing of an 818R has shown that the engine bay temps can get quite high which leads to higher oil, coolant, and intercooler temps. […]