$82 What: A laser cut louver panels for the rear of the front fenders Why: Ever see a Lemans car with the tops of the fenders vented?  Air builds up in the wheel wells causing a high pressure area that reduces airflow from the front of the car and causes lift on the front end.  […]

$79 What: Larger than stock aluminum louver panel to replace the FFR provided mesh. This panel extends beyond the factory trunk cutout to increase surface area and flow. Why: On track testing of an 818R has shown that the engine bay temps can get quite high which leads to higher oil, coolant, and intercooler temps. […]

$99 What: Larger than stock aluminum louver panel to replace the FFR provided mesh. The medium louver is larger than the FFR mesh and the ZdB Small Louver Why: Airflow through the radiator and through AWIC heat exchangers is limited by how much air air you can flow. The larger the opening behind the radiator […]

$40 What: Laser cut aluminum tabs and hardware to mount the rear fender liners. Why: The stock fender lines have an integrated mounting tab on the inner flat portion of the fender liner. This tab gets bent downwards and riveted to the frame. Once the outer curved piece is riveted to the inner face these […]

$250 (Discontinued) What: Billet and laser cut aluminum trunk hinge Why: As designed, the 818 hinges are a combination of laser cut and bent steel (which look rather nice) and the OEM stamped steel Subaru hood hinge.  The manual requires that you saw off the top of the hinge and bolt it to the FFR […]

What: A shorter, thicker, more stout standoff machined from solid rod to replace the saw cut tubes in FFR’s harness bar kit. Why: To keep costs down, FFR uses saw cut tubes for spacers.  It’s quick, efficient, and cost effective.  I found that the tubes were much longer than they needed to be and due […]

$50 Combine these with the trunk louver and save $10 off What: Aluminum louver panel to replace the FFR provided mesh. Why: Greater airflow through the stock hood vs the mesh due to larger open areas. Also provides a different stylistic approach for those just wanting something that looks different regardless of performance. Shipping Parts […]

What: A fender support for those with earlier frames that don’t have built in supports (confirmed chassis #44 needs these, don’t know cutoff point). Why: FFR has three different variations on the portion of the frame that supports the hood pins near the windshield. The third version has properly located hood pin mounts and a […]

$115 What: Adjustable brace to help set and maintain rear fender panel gaps. Why: The rear fenders/side panels are supported in three main areas: At the rear bumper, at the shock tower brace, and around the entire cockpit area. In between the shock tower and the rear bumper is a rather long unsupported length. Using […]