A laser cut and TIG welded aluminum bracket, seals, and bolts required to mount a type 14 AWIC core on a FFR 818.

The type 14 AWIC requires custom mounts  as the stock TMIC brackets don’t line up with the mounting tabs on the core.  The Zero dB rear AWIC mount provides an attractive bolt on solution to mount the core for either standard or clocked turbo arrangements.

Combine this bracket with the heat exchanger brackets ( $65 ), Frozen Boost components (~$500 with Zero dB discount), and the soon to come front AWIC mount (target price: $50) to build a complete AWIC setup for your 818 for less than $800.

TIG welding was performed by a former fabricator for the 2 seater Indy car so you know the welds are good.  We might not be going 230mph around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, but that doesn’t mean we don’t care about quality.

This is compatible with the AJW center exit exhaust!

Notes:  The bracket is not reversible for clocked/non-clocked setups.  You must order the bracket and specify which application you desire.

Using a non-clocked setup on the DBW/push clutch cars (06+) is possible, but is very tight on the throttle body electrical connector and the clutch slave.  I recommend using the clocked setup for these cars.

USPS Priority Medium Flat Rate Box, $12.65 (will combine shipping)

Laser cut, TIG welded bracket
Stainless Mounting Screws
Dowty Seals (bonded O-ring washers)
Rubber Washer

Includes extra hardware to plug the unused mounting hole.

Installation Instructions:
Check out this photo filled step-by-step guide for the complete AWIC install put together by Zero dB product tester EOD Tech87:
Non Clocked AWIC Install