A laser cut and TIG welded aluminum bracket and bolts required to mount a type 14 AWIC core on a FFR 818.

Using just our rear AWIC bracket holds the entire core pretty tightly but makes the silicone coupler on the throttle body support the entire front. This simple bracket supports the front of the core and prevents unwanted rotation by adding a third connection point. Note: Image shows two brackets to show both sides, but only one is required.

Combine this bracket with the heat exchanger brackets ( $65 ), Frozen Boost components (~$500 with Zero dB discount), and the Rear AWIC mount ($125) to build a complete AWIC setup for your 818 for less than $800.

USPS $6 (will combine shipping)

Laser cut, TIG welded bracket
Stainless Mounting Screws

Why are they welded if they’re just straight bent brackets? Bend reliefs are cut into the sides to ensure accurate bending (check out the picture below showing the stack of perfectly bent brackets bent across multiple planes) which selectively weaken the part. As the part bends micro fractures appear on the outside surface of the bend due to the thicker material used. While normally these aren’t a problem, this bracket is holding up a decent load on top of a vibrating engine. Fracture mechanics teaches that micro fractures are the start of long term fatigue failures. Welding not only fills in the side bend reliefs but eliminates a future failure due to crack propagation.

Installation Instructions:
Check out this photo filled step-by-step guide for the complete AWIC install put together by Zero dB product tester EOD Tech87:
Non Clocked AWIC Install