A CNC turned carbon steel extension for Subaru steering racks.

The earlier FFR 818 frames had the mounts for the steering rack offset too far to the driver side.  This resulted in one of two scenarios.  1: With the rack centered on travel there was little thread engagement on the passenger side outer tie rod.  2: You could cheat the alignment and offset the rack to get even thread engagement which resulted in uneven turning radii side to side. 

This short extension doesn’t add to the travel of the rack but fits between the rack and inner tie rod end to allow for more thread engagement on the outer tie rod without sacrificing driveability.  It also places the pivot points for the inner tie rods in line with the lower arm pivots for no bump steer.

This only fits newer racks that have the aluminum mounting ears on the driver side. Older racks (with the clamp style mount on the driver side) have smaller threads.

USPS $7 (will combine shipping)

CNC Turned Extension