Stainless steel bracket to allow you to clock the compressor housing on a TD04 and maintain the stock wastegate.

Clocking the housing on your turbo allows you to run an AWIC setup with fewer bends and a shorter intake tract.  For those with a push style clutch (06/07 wrx) the clocked AWIC setup also provides better clearance by not routing the piping past the DBW throttle body and the clutch slave cylinder.

$5.95 flat rate USPS.  Can be bundled with other items in a flat rate box

Stainless Steel Laser Cut Bracket
Stainless hardware


How do I clock my turbo?
Clocking a TD04 Turbo

How do I order?
Send me a pm on the forums, email (Craig@zerodecibelmotorsports.com), or message me on facebook.