$99 What: A shortened billet aluminum oil fill tube and matching cap to replace the long OEM plastic tube and cap.  Current production run is the polished style with no logo. Why: The factory fill tube is designed for a front engined car.  This shortened tube makes a straight shot out towards the side of […]

$65 What: Relocation bracket for the turbo coolant header tank Why: With the coolant tank bolted to the intake manifold in the factory location the fill cap is conveniently located right under a frame rail.  With about 1/4″  of clearance, the cap can’t be removed without unbolting the tank.  A bit annoying we think.  The […]

$70 What: Upper radiator support made from aluminum. Factory rubber radiator support fits snugly into the bracket for perfect fitment with your radiator. Why: FFR’s setup reuses the stock stamped steel supports cut in half and rotated 180deg. It’s functional, but doesn’t look too pretty. If you need to raise your radiator to clear the […]